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Bellini Modern Living: Design Driven Quality

wooden dining table with accent sideboard under a modern chandelier by a fireplace

Even just the name itself, Bellini Modern Living, instantly creates intrigue and excitement. With a strong European influence and a focus on modern and contemporary looks, you know you’re getting something innovative and unique with Bellini Modern.

But even if something looks nice, it doesn’t always mean that the quality is there – or that you’ll even like it! So, how are you going to know if Bellini Modern Living is the right brand for you and your home?

At McElheran’s Furniture + Design, we always hold all the products we bring in to the highest standard. You want to be able to visit a showroom with 100% confidence that every product you’re looking at is of the best quality. And, of course, you’re looking at style and value, too.

Bellini Modern Living passed the test at McElheran’s Furniture + Design and now it’s your turn to assess if these products are really going to be the best fit for you. They might not be, and that’s okay! That’s what this article will help you figure out.

In this article, our in-house designers (Design Guides), will take you through this striking brand of furniture. We’ve got a lot to look at here, like:

Once you assess all of that, you’ll have a better understanding of what Bellini Modern Living is all about! And if it really is the company that will help you achieve that distinctive and inventive look you desire.

We’ll start off with a quick overview here:

About Bellini Modern Living

As a wholesaler and distributor of modern contemporary furniture, Bellini Modern Living got its start in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario. By 2007, they had expanded into the US.

Now, Bellini Modern has the largest inventory of Italian furnishings in North America.

President and CEO of Bellini Modern, Hossein Azimi, has always been passionate about the style of European furniture and the craftsmanship that goes into every piece. Bellini Modern’s vision was to create a furniture line that was more accessible to a broad North American market.

Bellini Modern’s designers and manufacturers are working on new collections and designs to create exciting looks everyday. Bellini Modern carries the expectation of providing its customers with innovative furniture of the highest quality.

When you’re getting something from Bellini, you’re getting a unique, diverse, and design-driven piece that will add a punch of personality to any room in your home.

What sets Bellini Modern Living apart from other furniture companies?

Bellini Modern focuses on original pieces that are sure to bring a modern contemporary, and compelling component to your space. The value from these unique products is reflected in the quality workmanship and extensive attention to detail in every piece.

One of our Design Guides, Kirsti, points out that contemporary furniture, in general… well, there’s a lot of poorly made stuff out there. An item can look interesting by incorporating modern features, but that doesn’t mean it's well-made. However, with Bellini Modern, rest assured that these pieces are well-made and built to last. 

Although Bellini Modern Living isn’t a particularly customizable brand, they do offer various sizes on occasional tables, not commonly seen with other companies. If you see a small occasional table that you like, there’s a good chance that it comes in a lower height or larger size.

The value you’re getting with Bellini Modern Living is incomparable. Furniture and accessories aren’t cheap by any means, but for what you’re getting (think: quality, artistry, originality), Bellini Modern keeps everything well within a reasonable price point. 

Bellini Modern Living pricing

To give you a better idea of what you’re getting into with the cost of Bellini Modern Living products, we’ll break down a couple of items for you:

  • Average price of a dining table: $5,000
  • Average price of a dining chair: $800
  • Average price of an occasional table (like a coffee table or side table): $1,500
  • Average price of an Italian leather sofa: $7,000
  • Average price of a sideboard (like a console, cabinet, or buffet): $4,500
coffee table made out of narrow wooden logs and a glass top in front of a two seater sofa and a standing mirror with wooden accents

Bellini Modern Living warranty

Finishes, parts, structure, and any other components of Bellini Modern Living products are covered under a one-year warranty.

The mechanisms in motion furniture, like power reclining sofas, are covered for two years.

Is Bellini Modern Living good quality?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

When you see terms like full-grain leather, Pirelli webbing, solid wood, you know you’re getting a high-quality, durable, and structurally sound piece of furniture.

And speaking of Bellini Modern’s full-grain Italian leather, they don’t have a lot of selection when it comes to the grade. The reason? Bellini Modern Living wants you to have the best of the best, every time, so you know your furniture will last.

What are the most popular items from Bellini Modern Living?

You can furnish a lot of your home with Bellini Modern Living, but the most popular items are dining room sets, occasional tables, and sideboards.

Where are Bellini Modern Living products made?

At one time, Bellini Modern Living had its products made in China and Italy. Now, production is almost entirely done out of its two factories in Italy.

Can I get my furniture faster with Bellini Modern Living?

It’s definitely dependent on what you’re getting exactly, but Bellini Modern does offer a quick ship program that was launched in the fall of 2021. This was introduced in response to retailers and customers struggling to get their products in a timely manner due to supply chain issues.

Some, but not all, of Bellini Modern Living’s furniture can be ordered, shipped, and delivered to you much faster than other furniture manufacturers.

Bellini Modern Living designers

Bellini Modern brings in some of the most talented and well-known furniture designers in the industry from New York to Germany to Milan. Louis A. Lara, Stanley Jay Freidman, Christian Mayer, Yoshi Hatano, and Dominique Fazioli have all contributed their inventive ideas to Bellini Modern Living.

wooden dining table with intricate base surrounded by two dining chairs with two vases on the table

Who is Bellini Modern Living a good fit for?

If you’re into more of a modern or contemporary design style, Bellini Modern is absolutely worth exploring, especially if you’re particularly interested in a European aesthetic.

Bellini Modern Living takes pride in developing looks that are diverse and fashion-forward. If you’d like to spice up the look of your space with a few compelling accessories, they certainly have the products for you to do just that.

Modern designs are inherently more compact and smaller in scale. So, if you’re looking to furnish a tight space with minimal – but interesting – accents, Bellini Modern can offer you a lot of appropriate options.

Who is Bellini Modern Living not a good fit for?

If you’ve determined that your preferred design style is more traditional, Bellini Modern Living is probably not going to be your cup of tea. It’s right in their name – Bellini Modern Living! A majority, if not all, of their products, fall into the modern and contemporary categories. 

You can find products within Bellini Modern Living that offer different sizes and finishes, but customization isn’t exactly what this company is known for - if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Designers have specially curated designs using the highest quality materials to make these spectacular, one-of-a-kind pieces. Many of Bellini Modern’s products are sold as shown because there isn’t much need to change things. 

Should I talk to a designer before making a decision?

Because Bellini Modern Living does offer some eye-catching and striking looks, you may be wondering how to incorporate these pieces into your home. Should you consult with a designer before buying new furniture then? 

Not necessarily, but if you’d like some assurance before you buy, that’s absolutely what our Design Guides are here for!

If you’re in the Edmonton area, schedule a visit to McElheran’s Furniture + Design. Our carefully staged showroom and knowledgeable Design Guides can give you some great ideas to inspire your next design project.

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