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The 5 Best Area Rug Stores in Edmonton (Ratings & Reviews)

feature wall of a selection of various area rugs

You’re looking for something very specific – an area rug. And area rugs almost seem to fall in this weird in-between category, as far as where you can find them. Should you go to a wall-to-wall carpet centre or would this be something that a furniture store would carry?

It does generally fall under both, actually. Which makes it even harder to find the right store to give you the selection you need! However, a few stores in Edmonton specialize in exactly what you’re looking for.

And of course, every retailer is going to claim to be the “best” or the “#1 choice for area rugs,” but how do you really know what you’re getting into?

At McElheran’s Furniture + Design, we’ve been around for a while – since 1994, actually! We’ve seen many area rug stores in Edmonton thrive; with each having a lot to offer. It’s definitely worth your time to see what kind of options you have in the city.

And we would love to provide you with your next area rug, of course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to be the right fit for you. Which is why you’re looking at the 5 Best Area Rug Stores in Edmonton, right? You want to see which place is going to suit your needs and create your desired look.

Now, at some point in this list, you may notice that McElheran’s Furniture + Design isn’t even on it.

So, you’re thinking, “I don’t get it, you have an entire rug centre in your showroom, why wouldn’t you put yourself on the list?” And that’s a good point. This does seem like a great opportunity to just tell you all about our rug centre and selection, but that wouldn’t be fair to you, right?

You came to this article to find out who’s out there and what they can offer you, all with the hope of finding the best area rug for your space. And that’s what we want for you, too! We want you to be able to buy with confidence - no matter where you go.

To determine this list of the area rug stores in the city, we looked at online reviews, price in relation to quality, selection, and reputation in the Edmonton area. We used each store’s Google Star Rating to determine the order from one to five.

The Best Places to Find Area Rugs in Edmonton

  1. Gorgeous Persian Rugs
  2. Kashan Persian Rugs
  3. Home Express Furnishings
  4. Jordan’s Flooring
  5. Area Rug Gallery

Gorgeous Persian Rugs

[5.0 Google Star Rating]

Gorgeous Persian Rugs has been serving Edmonton and area since 1963. It is a family-owned business and was originally founded in Iran – the birthplace of Persian rugs. Gorgeous specializes in the sales, cleaning, and restoration of Persian and Oriental rugs and carries a variety of modern and contemporary rugs, too, from countries like India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

When it comes to cleaning and treatment, Gorgeous’ team thoroughly handwashes all their rugs using eco-friendly cleaning agents and delicate techniques to maintain the integrity of your rug.


  • Additional products and services: Rug and carpet cleaning, restoration and repair, appraisal
  • Rug price range: $100 - $30,000
  • Online checkout available: Yes

What customers are saying about Gorgeous Persian Rugs

“I highly recommend!! Not only do they have a huge and gorgeous selection of rugs to choose from, but the staff is also extremely helpful, polite, and patient in helping you find the perfect rug for you. It was an all-round good experience, so if you're in the market it's literally in the name - gorgeous Persian rugs. You won't be disappointed.”


Kashan Persian Rugs

[4.9 Google Star Rating]

Kashan Persian Rugs is a family-owned business, specializing in traditional Middle Eastern rugs, but you’ll still find a modern flair within their broad selection. Kashan has rugs for any type of room in your home, as well as hallways, staircases, and commercial spaces. With competitive pricing, quality rugs, and attentive customer service, Kashan strives to bring you timeless pieces that you’ll enjoy in your home for years to come.

It should be noted, too, that at the publishing of this article, Kashan is moving from their Londonderry location to Oliver in Edmonton. And if you’re headed south, they also have a location in Calgary.

kashan-11-minPHOTO CREDIT:

  • Additional products and services: Tableau rug art
  • Rug price range: $100 - $4,500
  • Online checkout available: Yes

What customers are saying about Kashan Persian Rugs

“A great family run business, the first rug we bought was too large so we easily brought it back and exchanged for a smaller one. The whole selection is gorgeous, worth a visit!”

-Hannah L.

Home Express Furnishings

[4.8 Google Star Rating]

Home Express Furnishings is a relatively new area rug provider in Edmonton. At this family-owned and operated store, you’ll see hand-selected items from around the world, like Turkey, India, Brazil, and the Middle East.

Add warmth, dimension, and interest to your home with their selection of area rugs and home décor.


  • Additional products and services: Furniture, home décor, houseware, artwork
  • Rug price range: $75 - $25,000
  • Online checkout available: Yes

What customers are saying about Home Express

“Love this place. This place is so welcoming. They have an awesome collection of home decor, furniture, area rugs, and much more. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, best place to visit if you have purchased a new home or if you are just thinking of redecorating your home. Highly recommended.”

-Veena F.

Jordan’s Flooring

[4.6 Google Star Rating]

Jordan’s Flooring can help you out with area rugs and most of your wall-to-wall flooring needs. This longstanding business has built a reputation on outstanding customer service, sought-after product lines, and exceptional showrooms. With their competitive pricing and well-educated staff, you’ll find the best product to fit your budget.

Jordan’s Flooring has been in Edmonton for over 40 years and has nine other locations throughout western Canada.


  • Additional products and services: Free in-home estimates and wall-to-wall hardwood, laminate, carpet, and vinyl flooring installation
  • Rug price range: $100 - $45,000
  • Online checkout available: No

What customers are saying about Jordan’s Flooring

“Came to browse and ended up buying a rug! Stopped in on a whim and was so impressed with the selection and service, I brought my husband back to look for a new rug for our living room. All the staff was helpful to find that "just right" rug. We love our new rug and are receiving many compliments from our friends and family about how great it looks in our living room.”

-Bernadette B.

Area Rug Gallery

[4.0 Google Star Rating]

It’s pretty obvious what you’ll find at this store, based on their name. Area Rug Gallery boasts one of western Canada’s largest collections of rugs. In stock, you can find over 500 high-quality area rugs to best suit your needs.

Area Rug Gallery has been in Edmonton, as an affiliate of Paramount Flooring, since 2003.

gallery-minPHOTO CREDIT:

  • Additional products and services: wall-to-wall carpeting, stair runners, and installation
  • Rug price range: $200 - $4,000
  • Online checkout available: No

What customers are saying about Area Rug Gallery

“The Area Rug Gallery has a fantastic selection of rugs to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes. The staff are extremely helpful and accommodating, and you can tell they take great pride in what they do. Definitely worth checking out the next time you need a unique, high-quality area rug.”

-Caitlin T.

Where should I get my area rug in Edmonton?

This article has given you a comprehensive look at your options for area rugs in Edmonton. Perhaps you’ll go to the store that’s closest to you or the one that’s more cost-effective. It really just comes down to your priorities and how each of these stores can fulfill your needs.

And speaking of cost, you may have noticed how broad price ranges can be with every store – that’s pretty common with area rugs. Check out What Goes Into the Cost of an Area Rug to get a better idea of what factors affect the overall cost.

Now, we’d hate for you to finish this article without seeing if McElheran’s can offer a good area rug selection for you, too. So, let’s look at some particulars:

  • 4.8 Google Star Rating
  • Additional products and services: High-end furniture and free design services
  • Rug price range: $700 - $25,000
  • Online checkout available: No

McElheran’s Furniture + Design is committed to helping you find the best furniture and area rugs for you and your home – even if you don’t buy from us. Or maybe, you’ll end up doing some of your project with us and some of it elsewhere – that works for us, too! We just want you to have the best information possible to move forward with whatever you’re working on.

After all, your home is a reflection of you and when it’s all said and done, you should have a space that you love - and love to share.

Schedule a visit with us today to see if we’re a good fit for your next furniture or area rug purchase.

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