The Omni Dining Table, Made for You!

1. 559_303_A_RS_FM14

The Omni Dining table is absolutely stunning and will definitely be the talk of the house. What  makes this table so attractive is its layered thick apron top,  it perfectly compliments the architectural clean curves of the base.  Dimensions start at 46″ w x 78″long extending to 122″ wide with two 22″ leaves.





The table is also completely customizable. You are able to create the look you want for your dining space. They have every finish you can think of, from classic wood tones to eye popping jewel tones.

559_302_Sable Finish

Contemporary is one of the most difficult words to define in home furnishings. It means different things to different people. Some view it as stark, unadorned by ornamentation and others see it simply as clean lines, angular hardware and gleaming finishes. Century’s Omni collection can be defined as COOL – POWERFUL – CURVACEOUS – UNDERSTATED – GEOMETRIC – SOPHISTICATED and WARM.

custom dining

The Acrylic base on this Omni beauty really transforms the table into something more  contemporary and modern

559-315_Blonde Finish

New last market they showed the Omni table in a warm, light oak finish shown above. What a fresh design. It really plays up the natural look.

If you’re looking for more than just a dining table, then we highly recommend the Omni because it’s more than just a table, it’s a statement piece!

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