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McElheran’s takes mattresses seriously, we would go as far as to say it’s the most important item in your bedroom. That’s why we carry only one mattress line, which we sincerely feel is the best mattress for you.

Vi-Spring Mattresses have been produced since 1901 when they pioneered the pocket coil and are handmade in England with their craftmen taking eight hours to construct each mattress. Vi-Spring uses only the finest natural materials including real Shetland Isle wool, silk, cashmere and supple bamboo, avoiding synthetic foams and glues. Here at McElheran’s, we will advise you about the best mattress and firmness for your body and Vi-spring promises you a lifetime guarantee.


Our Sleep Room

At McElheran’s we feel that a few minutes in the middle of a showroom isn’t long enough to decide on a mattress you’ll have for years so we constructed Edmonton’s first and only, double-insulated private in-store Sleep Room. You chose the mattress, whether it be a twin, full, queen or king, and we will set the inner-spring tension perfectly for you.

Vi-Spring Sleep room


All Natural Materials

Vi-Spring has decades of experience in understanding the intrinsic qualities of each material. Today, it uses that experience to create beds that are defined by the desirability, performance and luxury of fillings.  The handmade mattresses are crafted using traditional techniques, which is why Vi-Spring doesn’t use chemicals, foam or glue in their construction.  The all natural fillings include:

Cashmere  – Adds a unique softness and luxurious feel to the mattress. 

Flax – Flax twine which is an extremely strong and durable so it is the perfect material for the genuine hand side stitching. 

Silk – One of the oldest and most prized textile fibres in the world.  It makes for a naturally luxurious bedtime experience, brining comfort in the summer and warmth in the winter. 

Horsehair – Taken from the mail and the tail is the longest natural fibre.  It’s natural resilience brings the very necessary element of springiness to the beds. 

Calico – 100% pure cotton textile that is renowned for it’s strength and open weave and allows airflow and makes it an ideal choice for the pockets that hold the springs. 

Coir – Found between  the husk and the outer shell of a coconut, Tough coir fibres add outstanding durability to the quality of the divan bases.

Mohair  – The fine wool like fibre from Angora goats and is chosen for it’s durability and insulation.

Wool – Vi-Spring is the only bed maker to use 100% British fleece wool, regarded as the best in the world, including real Shetland wool.

Cotton – Cotton  plant fibres are used for their natural breathability and absorbency.

Cotton Cambric – Has an extremely tight weave, and undergoes a calendaring (rolling) process. It is used to prevent the undesirable percolation of hair and fibres.



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