Sunset Canyon – A Closeout Bedroom too good to pass up

    We are very excited about this month’s feature called Sunset canyon. The collections is a great transitional look reflecting more towards the casual side. Its clean lines will transition nicely into anyone’s décor. We were disappointed to hear it was discontinued but took advantage of the amazing blowout and would like to pass …

Free Customer Parking


Many people seem to be under the misconception that parking is difficult at McElheran’s.  That couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact we have not one but two parking lots on our property so you won’t have any problem finding a place to park while you shop.    

decorating with colour

Decorating with Colour

  We all have favorite colours that we are drawn to for some reason or another. Colour is full of personality and has the power to rekindle a special feeling, bring you back to your fondest memories or may even represent a cultural significance. When decorating your home ensure that you work with the colours …

Styling a cocktail table

Styling a Cocktail Table

A cocktail table is an essential for every living room.  They come in a variety of different styles to coordinate perfectly with the rest of your décor. It’s not just there for its good looks but for its practical functionality. A perfect sturdy surface to hold your tea while reading a book or to hold …

Combining the old with the new.

Combining the Old with the New

Growing up in the Toronto area with a father that had a Mercedes dealership, Sandra always had an appreciation for nice things.  At a very young age, she started to collect a few antique furniture pieces that became very special to her.  Later in life, when she and her husband Jack moved to Alberta, she …